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Anker 1

Art Kollektion

by Fatimath  Jamal

Bird of paradise flower outline

“Ich schloss meine Augen
um sehen zu können.” 

Paul Gauguin

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Stud earrings with colorful reef fishes, big fake plugs, fake plug earrings, artistic earrings
Stud earrings with colorful reef fishes, reef earrings, reef fish earrings, ocean earrings, sunset earrings,unisex earrings
Stud Earrings from BTONZ Ear Wear (Buttons) Unique handmade stud earrings with Tribe, Ocean, Art patterns and colors. Available on and Etsy


Unique Stud earrings with neon fishes and marble style background unisex earrings, ocean earrings, fish earrings, reef earrings
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