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The Btonz Story

BTONZ (Buttons)

was born of a vagabond lifestyle met with creativity. It was born of adventure and the limitless imagination we encounter when we feel utterly free in the world.


But really, it was inspired by a solution to a very trivial problem we encountered on the road. It all began with the annual road trip in our favorite campervan,

AKA, “the traveler”.

As always, we drove into the unknown, ready to see new places, meet new people, and chase the waves. This year’s route started on the French Atlantic and continued along the coastline of Spain and Portugal to Gibraltar.

On our way back to Switzerland, going up along the Mediterranean,

we stopped in a small shop in Almeria and bought some antique buttons.

Later that day, we drove to the desert of Tabernas-Andaluz to spend the night. While we were settling in for the night, we noticed that the ceiling light in our campervan had a hole in the plastic cover.

This hole just happened to be a bit smaller than a button.

Naturally, I used my glue gun (a must-have in every old camper) to seal the

hole with one of the antique buttons we bought earlier that day.

After some drinks and a few "Marimbas;-o" I laid back, staring deeply into

the light effect of the newly renovated fixture, it hit me like lightning-

 “Buttons would make beautiful ear-studs!”


The BTONZ idea was born!

As we started collecting more buttons and learning about them,

we realized that they have a long history. In fact, every button can tell you a lot about a particular culture and region. We love the idea of something as simple as a button taking the form of art, accessory, and artifact all at the same time. Buttons can tell stories of the past.

It is a symbol of the endless possibilities available to us through the human imagination. After all, why should a button be just a button? It could be unisex 

earrings ! It’s up to us to see beyond the surface and create new possibilities.

With BTONZ, we hope to show the world a glimpse of freedom and possibilities.


BTONZ Founder on the Traveler Camper

The Traveler & Us, July 2018

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